Welcome to the external complaints channel of Douglas Spain .

Douglas Spain makes this external reporting channel available to you in order that you have another way, in addition to those that already existed, to report alleged cases of compliance, which means, alleged fraudulent or illegal conduct or behavior contrary to the internal policies of the company, committed by employees or business partners of it.

This channel is provided and managed by the Staylant Compliance law firm, which is external and independent from the company. The external lawyer will be your point of contact to provide information and follow up on your complaint. All compliance complaints, which are the object of this channel, will be directed to the Compliance and Internal Audit department of Douglas Spain for their coordination and management. The website allows you to identify yourself or make the complaint anonymously. In any case, all complaints will be treated confidentially and without retaliation for the complainant as long as they are complaints in good faith. Complaints must contain reasonable, sufficient and verifiable information to be investigated.

Some examples of compliance cases are: alleged cases of corruption, bribery, conflicts of interest, fraud or internal theft, scam, harassment, discrimination, violation of professional secrecy and confidentiality rules, breach of the money laundering law, competition law, data protection law, accounting and tax regulations, committed by employees or business partners.

The following are not the object of this channel: situations that do not correspond to illegal conduct or contrary to internal policies, or those that are not committed by employees or business partners, for example, robberies or scams by criminals, incidents with computer systems or cyberattacks, workplace accidents, bad relationships with other employees, complaints about management, performance, or communication by other employees, inquiries or claims related to your job duties, salary, hours, holidays, time off or absences. These situations must be reported through the corresponding departments, depending on the case, Security and Fraud, IT / Help Desk or Human Resources, among others.



Do you need to ask any questions before making your report? Consult us through this link. This link is not to file a complaint, for this you must access the complaint form by pressing the “Report” button on the right.